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an older woman with white hair and black dress is looking up at the camera, in front of a dark background
three tasseled key chains hanging from hooks on a white surface, one has a pom - pom and the other is orange
the colorful beaded pattern is displayed on a white tablecloth with black fringes
Degradado de colores, vino,rojo,mandarina,naranja,amarillo y un toque de negro...todos del #10 Earrings, Fashion, Bead Earrings, Beaded Earrings, Bead, Preciosa, Pins
Aretes huicholes
two pieces of bead work with flowers and fringes on the sides, sitting on a table
a green and blue beaded necklace on a white surface with beads hanging from it
a beaded necklace is displayed on a white surface