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Piano Chords Made Easy

RHYTHM LESSON 9 - Notation with rests

It is now time to add rests to our music. This is basically the same lesson as lesson 8 but it includes the quarter rests. The addition of the rest means there are a lot more options for grouping the notes in sets of 4. Just a reminder that the rest gets one beat just as the quarter note does. Whenever the children are reading and clapping music it is important that the rest be "felt" even though there is no sound. For this lesson you may want to add instruments for variety. I always told my…

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Music Notation Made Easy

I recently found this visual of the grand staff on which is great for quickly showing kids how the Treble Clef and Bass Clefs are related. After looking at the picture the phrase “…

Tempo Wall Chart

I saw this wall chart online and thought it was too good not to share. It’s simple and effective. You can purchase it by clicking here: you can make your own version.

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An Easy Way to Teach Kids Rests - Let's Play Music

An easy way to teach kids rests when learning to read music.

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Digital Music

Online shopping from a great selection at Digital Music Store.

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Musical Truth or Dare -

Challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge of theory concepts by naming answers (truth card), and by performing tasks at the piano (dare card).

How To Read Music Made Easy

How to read music made easy : an introduction and guide to reading music for beginners - perfect for kids but ideal for adult beginners too!

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3 Music Poster Set - Tempo, Elements and The Orchestra

3 Music Poster Set - Tempo, Elements and The Orchestra These are all editable and can be printed at A4 or A3.Colours can be changed as can the photos used... Save $1 by buying the posters together as a pack!

How to Read Music | Worksheet |

If your third or fourth grader is starting to think about taking up a musical instrument, help him get the basics of reading notes with this handy sheet!

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Musical Symbols of Piano Notation

Take a visual tour of written piano music with symbols, accents, articulation marks, dynamics, and volume changes.

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How to Understand the Circle of Fifths (Get Your PDF)

Get a circle of fifths PDF and clear explanation about this amazing pattern on the piano. It's easy to understand and neat to see!

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Key Signature - Music Stave and Music Scales

A Key Signature consists of Sharps and Flats placed at the beginning of every music Stave to fix the correct pitch of the piece - all key signatures

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Rhythm Readers

The RHYTHM READERS include nine levels of rhythm concepts. Download and print this handy resource and you'll use it everyday in your piano studio. Each level includes eight different rhythms. I have added a little splash of color and a cute graphic partly because it's pretty and partly to help you keep the levels organized! One easy download is going to keep your entire studio busy with rhythms. Level 1 - quarter, half, dotted half & whole notes Level 2 - eighth notes and quarter rest in 4/4…

Laurie's Violin School: Learn (or Teach) Your Key Signatures in Nine Weeks

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How to Read Music Easily By Combining Bass and Treble Clefs

How to Read Music Easily By Combining Bass and Treble Clefs. Help for those learning to play the piano. Also for cellists, and tenors in amateur choirs. Using this method you will soon learn to read all the notes and be able to switch to...