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a pan filled with pasta covered in sauce and cheese being lifted from the skillet
Afsana Akter on Instagram: "1,2 or 3 which one would you pick?😋🤤🤤 🎥 All recipe by @barb.home.kitchen (I don't own the rights. All rights are reserved and belong to the respective owner) FOLLOW: @thefoodie.alvia 🍔 FOLLOW: @thefoodie.alvia 🍔 #foodblog #foodblogger #foodie #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstagram #instafood #foodlover #foodpics #yummy #loodgasm #delicious #foodies #foodpic #foodiesofinstagram #homemade #healthyfood #instagood #foodgram #tasty #foodlovers #foods #cooking #dinner #foodbloggers #foodstyling #breakfast i#foodlove"
a skillet filled with cheesy potatoes covered in bacon and green onions on top of a table
Tasty on Instagram: "I promise this dish won’t last five minutes after you take it out of the oven when you make it for friends or family! @rachaellsrecipes ☘️💚 How can you go wrong with nachos — especially potato nachos? 🥔🧀 Irish Pub-Style Potato Nachos 8 ounces bacon 3-4 russet potatoes 3-4 tablespoons olive oil 1½ tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon onion powder 1 tablespoon garlic powder Salt and pepper, to taste 1-2 cups cheese (e.g., white or yellow cheddar, cheddar Jack, etc.) 1/2 cup chopped green onions (3-4 stalks) Sour cream, to serve Preheat the oven to 385°F (196°C). Line 2 baking sheets with foil. Arrange the bacon on the prepared baking sheets so they do not touch. (I twist the bacon so it turns extra crispy while baking.) Bake for 15-20 minutes, until desired crispiness is
a spoon with some food in it on a silver plate next to another bowl filled with potatoes
Sam Stern on Instagram: "Chilli, garlic & honey roast potatoes! These are a delicious variation on the classic roast potatoes. The sweet & spicy garlic sauce goes so well with the buttery crunch of the roast potatoes. Who wants one? Recipe: 1.5kg maris pipers, peeled and cut into even chunks Salt 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda Olive oil 1 tbsp crushed garlic 3 tbsp chilli crisp- I used Lao Gan Ma brand 1 1/2 tbsp honey 1 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tbsp rice vinegar 2-3 spring onions, finely sliced A handful of coriander, finely sliced 1. Preheat your oven to 190c fan. 2. Add the potatoes to a large pan of cold water. Add salt, bicarb and bring to the boil. Boil until a knife slips through easily, around 10-15 minutes. Drain and allow to steam dry. 3. Pour a generous amount of oil i
two white casserole dishes filled with food on top of a black stovetop
Maddie Summerhill on Instagram: "Creamy, chicken & chorizo loaded chips 😮‍💨 This was UNREAL!😍 if you need a quick & easy yet banging new recipe, then give this a save 📌📌 You can never go wrong with chicken & chorizo! Ingredients: - 1 chicken breast - 65g chopped chorizo - half a red onion - tsp garlic granules, mixed herbs & smoked paprika - half a tin of chopped tomato’s - 50ml single cream - hand full of grated cheddar Pop under the grill for a few minutes to melt the cheese and that’s it! Enjoy ✨ #food #foodie #foodporn #chicken #chorizo #chickenrecipes #loadedfries #dinner #dinnerideas #easyrecipes #lowcalorie"
two plates filled with food on top of a table next to another plate full of food
Food | Hacks | Recipes on Instagram: "Super Quick Easy and delicious ,cheesy potatoes with chicken😋 Cut 3 chicken breast into small pieces Season with: 2tsp piri piri seasoning 2tsp cajun seasoning Half tsp turmeric (just for colour) Mix it well Cut 3 large potatoes into very small cubes Use same seasoning as for chicken Add bit of oil,fry chicken for around 10 minutes on low heat Add bit of oil to another pan and fry potatoes for around 10 minutes on low heat,,when they will be soft Inside Fry another 2-3 minutes on high heat so they will be golden brown and crispy,or you can airfry if you prefer, When your chicken will be ready add 130ml of single cream, or any you prefer,,Stir it well and cook 2 minutes, Add your crispy potatoes ,stir it well, Sprinkle with cheddar cheese, Let it melt
two white dishes filled with food sitting on top of a counter next to a candle
Maddie Summerhill on Instagram: "Hunters chicken loaded fries😮‍💨 Quick, easy & simple but so very tasty! One of our fav dishes here 😍 give it a save if you’d like to give it a try! 📌 Ingredients: 1 large chicken breast 3 rashers of bacon 1tsp mixed herbs 2tsp garlic granules 4/5 tbsp bbq sauce 1tbsp tomato Puree 150ml water As many fries as you wish! I use @aldiuk skin on fries😍 Sprinkle of mozzarella Add more water & bbq sauce if you’d like more sauce! I pop mine under the grill for a few minutes to melt the cheese and that’s it! Enjoy✨ What recipes would you like to see from me? 💭⬇️ #fries #hunterschicken #dirtyfries #loadedfries #chicken #bbq #bacon #dinnerideas #dinner #food #foodie #foodporn #easymeals #familymeals #lovefood #cheese #mozzarella #love #homecooking #co
someone is holding up a piece of food in a pan with potatoes on the side
Recipes Mentor on Instagram: "golden brown and crispy potato slices coated in a cheesy Parmesan crust. 1️⃣ Wash the potato and boil it in salted water for 10 minutes 2️⃣ Halve the potato 3️⃣ Mix 20g melted butter + 75g Parmesan, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp spice mix and 1 tsp chilli flakes 4️⃣ Put the potatoes on top, brush with butter, salt and sprinkle with Parmesan Bake 5️⃣ 30 min at 220 Celsiu"