Bellas caritas para navidad.

Below is where I found these, but they'd be great faces on balloon designs too: Snowman Faces Embroidery Machine Design Details. Use for Hand Embroidery snowman, doll faces.

superoriginal árbol de navidad

What a great way to display a special bauble. Whether it's baby's first Christmas, or your first Christmas married, or even one you bought on holiday. This will make it the focus of attention x More Mehr

Gingerbread man roll and colour.  Versión 1o primaria,  números más altos. Hacer sumas tiranfo a los dados. A ver quién termina antes. Otra es que inventen las operaciones para pasar a otros niños.

Gingerbread man roll and color. Good game to play with two players and two sheets. Winner finishes gingerbread man first. Great for KINDERGARTEN!

Cojín forma mariposa

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