There's an idea. Table mats for christmas. I'd do something red and white but this is the idea.

Christmas Mats By Jogo Americano Natal Gebely Gebely Wang: There's an idea. Table mats for Christmas. I'd do something red and white but this is the idea.

Snowman bathroom set

Buy Fashion Toilet Seat Cover Christmas Decorations Santa Snowman Toilet Seat Cover Bathroom Rug Set Gifts Home Decor Xmas Claus,red; at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

DIY Felt Flower Tree Skirt.

Christmas tree decoration can be quite a personal ritual, as every family seems to have their own traditions, whether they’ve been created recently

cojines que tienes, adornados para navidad make as gifts or decorations OR Just add ribbon bells flowers etc to seasonally decorate and remove after the party.

Cable-Knit Gift Pillow Collection - Garnet Hill - great used sweater or afghan project

Patrones muñecos para descargar NUEVOS PATRONES DE AGOSTO 2014

Mug rug (patcheafins

Mug rug (could also enlarge for placemats). These actually look more like placemats than mug rugs.

Anillos para servilletas con rollos de confort: Recortar los rollos de papel para que tengan el ancho de los servilleteros. Con ayuda del pegamento, pegar una huincha de paño lensi rojo rodeando el cartón. Corta una tira de paño lensi negro y pegalo sobre el rojo. Con un limpiapipas dorado, hacer un pequeño rectángulo para formar la hebilla de nuestro servilleter navideño. X

Add a little bit of yuletide charm to your Christmas dinner table with this Thrifty Santa's Belly Napkin Ring DIY idea. There's no need to buy expensive napkin rings when you have a great Christmas napkin holder idea like this.