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Felt estructures

Textiles surface design using fabric to create dimensional structures inspired by sea life; creative fabric manipulation // Asta Masiulyte textile art of amazing detail and design

MARIKO KUSUMOTO NECKLACE Polyester, monofilament, sterling silver

TEXTILE WORKS STATEMENT My work reflects various, observable phenomena that stimulate my mind and senses; I 'reorganize' them into a new presentation that can be d.

No viviendo en un mundo vivo: noviembre 2014  ❤ =^..^= ❤

I'm unsure why of all the incredible birds in the world, I always have fantasized about this one as a pet.

El tragopán de Cabot o tragopán chino (Tragopan caboti) En época de cría, de marzo a junio, los machos se involucran en espectaculares exhibiciones de cortejo.

Cabot's tragopan is a pheasant found in south-east China. The common and scientific names of this large bird both commemorate the ornithologist Samuel Cabot III. Other common names include the Chinese tragopan and the yellow-bellied tragopan.