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a wooden table with two stacks of wood on it and a roll of paper next to it
TS1 Modular Shelving (with CNC Wood Threading)
TS1 modular shelving (with CNC wood threading)
several different types of plastic objects on a white surface with one object in the middle
Frame Awards jury member Anny Wang wonders how retail spaces can cheat trends
Frame Awards jury member Anny Wang wonders how retail spaces can cheat trends - News - Frameweb
a wooden toy sitting next to a small chair and foot stool on a gray background
Supertoys Supertoys
closeup of green and white fabric with wavy lines on it's surface,
Self Forming Structures: An Exploration into 3D Printing on Pre-stretched Fabric
there are many different types of wallpapers on display
AN interviews “the design world’s number one power broker” (and you may never have heard of him)
(Courtesy Material ConneXion)
a close up of a person's hand holding an orange and blue object
Arts Thread Homepage
The inspiration behind Karoline’s collection comes from her fascination with the sea, in particular corals. She wanted to study the free-flowing shapes, textures and vibrant colours and capture the qualities in a variety of methods and mediums. The technical aspect of re-creating these forms through a knitted medium found numerous challenges. From primary research Karoline transformed ordinary materials into complex and unexpected knitted pieces by combining yarns such as elastic and cotto...
someone is holding up a folded piece of paper that has green and white lines on it
conductive origami by yael akirav explores 3D printing onto textiles to turn on light
a green chair sitting in front of a wall
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a white shelf filled with lots of different items
minecraft: Photo
💎⛏ Non-Corporate/Unofficial Minecraft Blog. 💎⛏ [kin] [byf] [faq]
three colorful objects are hanging from the ceiling
How Ellen Van Dusen Scored Her Zany, Cartoon-Like Chandelier
a pink room with several pieces of clothing hanging on the wall
Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch
an art display with multiple pieces of artwork on the wall and in front of it
«ECAL Graphic Design» book and exhibition
ECAL - ELAC GALLERY - EXHIBITIONS - «ECAL Graphic Design» book and exhibition