Cartagena, take me there. // I second that.

Alessandra Codinha Writes From Cartagena, Colombia

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San Andres, Colombia this is an example of weather colombia has and why people adapt to the weather by wearing light cothes

Would not have guessed. San Andres, Colombia - Find out why we love Colombia:Dream destinations, Surreal Places To Visit

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia Lo constituyen más de doscientas estructuras consideradas como viviendas, terrazas, caminos, canales, plazas y escaleras de piedra

(ancient helipads) The pre-Columbian archaeological site of Ciudad Perdida (Spanish for “Lost City”), located in Sierra Nevada, Colombia, thought to be founded about 800 AD. Photo courtesy taken by Raphael Chay

Haunted Hotel Del Salto, Colombia

Haunted Hotel Del Salto, Bogota, Colombia -- it's haunted because of all the suicides in the area. It's right next to the Tequendama Falls or El Salto Del Tequendama

Near the top of my travel list: The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Medellin

The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Medellin

A complete guide to eating, drinking, sightseeing, and having fun in Medellin, Colombia from a local's perspective.