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Stage One: Dog Training Starts Here - The Happy Puppy Site

Stage One is the very first stage in dog training. This is the 'Get It' stage of my 'Get It', 'Pair It', 'Teach It' dog training system.

Finding the Best Names for Dogs - Chasing Dog Tales

Looking for great names for dogs? Check out these tips, top names list and resources to help you find the perfect name for your new dog.

Brave Beagle Dog Ear Cleaner Review

MyDogLikes reviews Brave Beagle's dog ear cleaner which is all natural, free of sulfates, phosphates, alcohol, parabens or preservatives.

Essayez ces 7 conseils pour que votre chien mange sa nourriture - Petohaku

Il semble qu'il y ait trois types de chiens dans ce monde : ceux qui mangent absolument tout, nourriture ou autre ; ceux qui contrôlent très bien les portions

How To Get Your Puppy Used To A Collar And Leash

Learn a stress free way to get your puppy used to a collar and leash that lays the foundation for a dog that doesn't pull on the leash when an adult.


What Can Dogs Eat?

Watch A Dog's Way Home in theaters January 11 and witness the heartwarming adventure of a dog's 400-mile journey to find her owner after they were separated.

5 Incredible Things Dogs Can Sense Before They Happen

Dogs are incredibly intuitive and aware of their surroundings. They know when their person is sad and can pick up on stress when their household is in chaos. Some people believe that dogs can predict when someone is going to die or can see spirits. Below are some of the …

How To Teach A Dog To Stay

How to teach a dog to stay where you put him, even if you go out of sight. Help & advice for teaching stay in all kinds of challenging situations.

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Flatcoated Retriever i Lidköping.

Training Your Dog to Go to Its Place

Training your dog to go to its bed or place is a great way to get it to settle down quickly. Learn how to get your dog to follow the place command.

6 Common Signs your Dog is in Pain - Paw Life

The common signs your dog is in pain can be easier to notice once you know what you are looking for. Here are 6 common signs your dog is in pain.

Train Your Dog to Focus on You

The "look" or "watch me" command is used to get your dog's attention. Learn how to train your dog to focus on you, despite distractions.