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Long Lashes, Long, Pov, Andrea
longest lashes ever
Frat Girls, Girl, Frat
my little frat girl <3
three carved pumpkins sitting on top of a white table
Pumpkin 🎃
the view from an airplane window at night
a man riding a skateboard down a road next to a lush green hillside under a blue sky
San Francisco <3
a yellow fire hydrant sitting on the side of a road next to a tall house
a white stuffed rabbit sitting in the back seat of a car with someone's legs crossed
cuppy <3
a woman standing on the side of a road next to the ocean with houses in the background
Sausalito <3
Fashion, Sunflower Fields, Sunflower, Field, Shoulder, One Shoulder, Dress
sunflower field
2 girls on a staircase :)
2 girls on a staircase :)
the tablet is next to some grapes and water on a picnic blanket near a soccer field
picnic in the park
a city with tall buildings in the background
San Francisco!
a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror