Yule cat

Explore the captivating legends and traditions surrounding the mysterious Yule Cat. Discover the significance of this mythical creature and its connection to the holiday season.
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Iren Horrors captures the pure essence of the dark and macabre with exquisite detail and haunting beauty. Working her way through an extensive catalog of mythology, folklore and fairy tales, from around the globe, IrenHorrors presents some of the most well-known characters and stories with a fresh gothic twist. Every Iren Horrors illustration expresses delicate beauty and grace without feeling submissive as her characters drip with power and elegance. Ksenia Svincova, better known within the…

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The Yule Cat, also known as Jólakötturinn, is a huge and vicious cat who is described as lurking about in the snowy countryside during Christmas time, eating people who have not received any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve. Accoring to legend, it is the house pet of the giantess Gryla and her sons. Though referred to as an ancient tradition, written accounts of the Yule Cat have only been located as recently as the 19th century. Much like the Krampus, the Yule Cat has long been a…

JoAnna Redman-Smith