Xeriscape front yard

Transform your front yard with stunning xeriscape ideas that require minimal water and maintenance. Create a sustainable and vibrant landscape that will make your neighbors green with envy.
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For the better part of a century, lawns were the default for American front yards. They remain incredibly popular today, but standards are shifting quickly. So far this year, 80% of Yardzen clients requested a landscape design that did not maximize the use of lawn—and 37% requested no traditional lawn... Read more »

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Planning a landscape is challenging; there is an incredible amount of ground cover, plants, and irrigation techniques to consider. It can become even more complicated if you live in an area that has a difficult climate. Xeriscaping is a popular choice for areas that see very little natural rainfall, but it can be applied to ... Read moreXeriscaping: A Guide for Beginners

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My neighbor stopped in front of my yard where we were moving rocks and mulch, and asked, “So where will the hotpots go? And the mud volcanoes?” I scratched my chin. “Haven’t…

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A backyard view of the Peterson property in Payson, Utah. This story appeared in the print edition of The Payson Chronicle. When we were discussing what type of landscaping we would like, it wasn't a hard decision to make. We came here from Wisconsin, because property tax was too high there- so, anyway, we decided that desert landscaping was our way to go. To cut a long story short, I called around and found Nephi Stone & Gravel for our colored rock. Then we found chocolate lava rock and put…

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