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Dive into the thrilling world of the X-Files and unravel the enigmatic secrets. Explore the top ideas and theories behind this iconic TV show.
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90's were the time when everyone went crazy for Tamagotchis, guys sported frosted tips, and denim ruled everyone's wardrobes. It was also the time when Mulder and Scully's duo from the popular TV show about UFOs, The X-Files, won the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. Snarky dialogue and intriguing plot not only made the show into a cult-classic but also caused a surge of believers in the paranormal activities.

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He's probably laughing at his own joke. | Hot Pictures of David Duchovny on The X-Files | POPSUGAR Entertainment Photo 4 Fandom, Humour, Pug Life, Mulder Scully, Mulder, Fox Mulder, Scully, Laugh, X Files Funny

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Not only is he a misogynistic prick, but he's also the most incompetent FBI employee ever. The whole "Scully, you wait here with the injured party while I go on ahead where I'll inevitably see something incredible that you won't believe because you didn't come with me" thing... like, NO, JUST FUCKING TAKE SCULLY WITH YOU. And don't even get me started on the episode where he takes A KNOWN CHILD SERIAL KILLER out of prison without permission, only to FALL ASLEEP AND LET THAT SERIAL KILLER…