World history bell ringers

Start your world history class with these engaging bell ringers that will captivate your students' attention and spark curiosity about the fascinating world of history.
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Looking for a great way to get your geography class started? Here is a semester's worth of Bell Ringers to help introduce your geography students to the wonders of the world. These 90 questions cover places from all 7 continents. Product includes: 90 researched questions and answers each on separate slides A student page to use the product as a warm up

Elizabeth Belch
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I recognized that my students really didn't have a solid understanding of the difference between continents, countries, and cities and that placing locations geographically on a map was a struggle. I was brainstorming ways for my students to gain a broad overview of all the countries of the world, but knew that I had limited class time (don't we all!). That's when I came up with this idea for a daily bell ringer. I also knew that using the internet appropriately for research

Ingrid Glover
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Do you use bell work (sometimes called bell-ringers, start-nows, or warm-ups) in your History or Social Studies classroom? If not, you might...

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