Woodchip wallpaper

Transform your walls with unique and textured woodchip wallpaper. Find inspiration and tips on how to incorporate this trendy design element into your home decor for a fresh and natural look.
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If you haven't heard of woodchip wallpaper, you are not missing out. It's often very tired-looking, dated and infamous in the DIY world for being extremely difficult to remove. Whilst I'm sure it was once the latest trend in wall decoration, it certainly isn't now, and when we moved in we found the whole living room of our house coated with several layers of the stuff. We set aside a whole weekend, determined to be rid of it and get some paint up on the walls! This kind of job is made much…

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What’s in a name? The story of Woodchip & Magnolia You may have noticed that our name is at odds with our wallpaper. We don’t sell woodchip, we don’t advocate the use of neutral paint, and we use a lot of strong colours and gorgeous patterns. We love a quirky twist to everything we do, which may give you a clue as to the reasons for our identity. Playing on the tongue in cheek nature of more playful interiors, Woodchip & Magnolia is the antithesis of all that is evoked when hearing the words…

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Barker Design are a team of 4 whose aim it is to create homes that reflect the owners passions and style, with a design philosophy of ‘interpreting the clients brief to create original, eclectic interiors that surpass trends’. Having worked across many, both commercial and residential, projects over the years, these guys know a thing or two about wallpaper and how to work pattern and colour into a space. After spotting a few of our designs in some of Barker Designs recent projects, we got…

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