Whirling dervish

Experience the mesmerizing art of whirling dervishes with our top recommendations for captivating performances. Immerse yourself in the spiritual journey of these talented dancers and witness the beauty of their graceful movements.

Ashk shab bhar intizār e áfw e ummat meiń baheń Maiń fidā chāńd aur yūń akhtar shumāri wāh wāh Tears flowing all night, awaiting the pardon of his nation; I’m sacrificed! (He ﷺ is) the moon y…

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go my friend bestow your love even on your enemies if you touch their hearts, what do you think will happen . ~Rumi Translated by Nader Khal...

if you pass your night and merge it with dawn for the sake of heart, what do you think will happen if the entire world is covered with the blossoms you have labored to plant, what do you think will...

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أيتها النسائمُ العبقةُ التي تهبُّ من بستانِ الحبيبِ، مرِّي عليَّ، فإني مؤمل بشارة الريحانإن خبزَ هذا العالم ومائه كسيل لا وفاء عندهوأنا حوتٌ عظيمٌ، وليس لي أمل إلا بحر عُمانوإني أردِّد دائمًا عبارات الأسى، مثل يعقوبَ، ذلك لأن أملي وجهُ يوسف المليحوالل…

A Skater Aunty
Whirling Dervish by by Suppiluliuma. S)

Whirling Dervish by by Suppiluliuma. S)