Weddings with dogs

Make your special day even more memorable by including your furry friend. Explore ideas for incorporating dogs into your wedding and create lasting memories.
15 Times Dogs in Weddings Stole the Show - Green Wedding Shoes

Who else can’t get enough of dogs in weddings? National Dog Day is this Sunday and we thought we’d celebrate with a round up of dogs who—let’s face it—looked way cuter than we do at weddings. Whether you’re planning on including your pup in your big day or just need a “omg that’s SO CUTE”...

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If you’re planning to invite your dog to your wedding there are a lot of logistics to consider. The most common one that couple’s struggle with is who will bring them to the venue & drop them off after the ceremony. Luckily, this is one of the main services a wedding pet care company provides!

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If you’ve ever planned a wedding, then you know the definition of stress. It’s one thing to find the venue and work out all of the logistics of the big day. It’s an entirely different ordeal to play referee with dueling bridesmaids and gruff groomsmen. One couple solved those problems in the best way possible. A Bridal Party With 32 Feet There were no humans on either side of their bridal party- just their seven dogs! It was a bridal ... Read more

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