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Transform your space with creative water transfer ideas. Discover how water transfer can add a unique touch to your home decor and make a statement.
This fun water transfer activity is easy to set up and fun to play. Great water play and sensory play activity for kids that also encourages the development of fine motor skills. #playbasedlearning #homeschool #preschool #toddleractivites #stemlearning #stemforkids #waterplay #sensorybins #scienceforkids Toddler Learning Activities, Montessori, Activities For Kids, Sensory Play, Pre K, Play, Water Play Activities, Summer Activities For Kids, Toddler Stem

This fun water transfer activity is easy to set up and fun to play. Great water play and sensory play activity for kids that also encourages the development of fine motor skills. #playbasedlearning #homeschool #preschool #toddleractivites #stemlearning #stemforkids #waterplay #sensorybins #scienceforkids

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Can you believe the marbling technique dates back to the twelfth century? Back then, the Japanese technique was originally termed suminagashi, meaning “ink floating”. It was created by chance, from submerging old ink paintings into water. The ink would separate from the paper and float to the water’s surface, enabling the artist to transfer the... Read More

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This walking water science experiment is so much fun and super easy to do! My kids absolutely loved it! It even comes with free printable recording sheets for kids as young as preschool! Check out the video to see how easy this walking water experiment really is. This rainbow activity is perfect for spring science!

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Hydro Dipping Water Transfer printing Hydrographic Dip Kit Motherboard DD-936. My Dip Kit is the Original, Professional designed and only Patented DIY Dip Kit on the market. We only use top quality products in every kit we sell. My Dip Kit offers five sizes of dipping kits to fit almost any application. Simply send inquiry using contact seller through Ebay and we can design a listing for your needs. This listing is for the : Entry Level Kit…

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It was a hot day today. While my children spent the afternoon outside with buckets of water and spray bottles - Otis began the day with some super simple indoor water activities. Sponging is an activity that Otis loves at our Montessori Parent-Toddler class. Two bowls, one with a small sponge and some water. The child uses the sponge to transfer the water from bowl to bowl. This is an activity that I have used as a diversion at school. Otis loves water play (like most toddlers I'm sure). If…

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Hydro dipping, also known as water transfer printing or water marbling, is the process of delicately transferring floating pigments onto a product through the medium of water. We’ve rounded up some of hydro dipped products and processes in this installment of our trends series, What’s New in Craft.

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