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Enhance your style with a stunning vintage silver necklace. Explore our collection of unique and elegant designs to add a touch of timeless beauty to any outfit.

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A necklace for women, silver plated necklace, leather choker belong to bohemian jewelry as well as boho jewelry. A zamak necklace carefully designed and crafted by EndiaDesign Cute and original ring leather necklace made of genuine brown or black cow leather, a mashed ring (with small dark spots as an antique piece) and a closure all of them in silver plating of 8 microns of sterling silver. You could wear this exclusive women choker necklace with many types of top making you look super chic…

Morgan ⋆𐙚₊˚

Silver rose flower layered necklace, 7 hallowed out silver rose and a 3D rose flower pendant, decorated with gray dangle balls in sterling silver finish. Retro punk accents with dainty floral design, super unique and romantic. Handmade exquisite piece, delicate high quality guaranteed. 💎 Features: ♥ Handmade jewelry ♥ Material: 925 Sterling silver, Mix steel ♥ Side stone: Gray crystal ball ♥ Adjustable Closure 💎 Details: ♥ Approximate Measurements: - Length: 19" with 2" adjustable ♥…

Maya Wisniewski