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Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Velvet Underground. Discover their iconic music, influential art, and captivating history. Experience the magic of Velvet Underground today.
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Adam Ritchie, Lou Reed & John Cale performing at Cafe Bizarre, 1965 Adam Ritchie, John Cale performing at Delmonico's, New York City, 1966 Gerard Malanga, The Velvet Underground, New York City, 1966 Steve Schapiro - Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison & John Cale, Scepter Studios, New York Lisa Law, Nico Performing with the V.U., The Trip, Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, 1966 N.Y. street, 1960s Lou Reed at the luncheonette on the corner of 47th Street and 3rd Avenue, 1967 Steve Schapiro, Velvet…

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Of all the evergreen subjects covered by rock ‘n’ roll (girls, street fightin’, cruisin’, California, love, god), the days of the week hold their own in terms of the sheer number of good songs meant to fete the seven that exist. (Plus the weekend, of course: whether we’re livin’ for it, workin’ for it or […]

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