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Immerse yourself in the ancient and sacred art of Vedic culture. Discover the profound symbolism and spiritual meaning behind Vedic art and unleash your creativity with these inspiring ideas.
The Departure of Urvashi from Pururva, on ArtStation at Art, Hindu Art, Radha Krishna Modern Art, Ancient India, Indian Art Gallery, Indian Art Paintings, Hinduism Art, Ancient Beauty, Shiva Art

Urvashi was a celestial damsel who was cursed by Brahma to take a birth as a human. She married Pururavas on the condition that two lambs which she brought would be cared for. She also insisted that he would never appear nude before her. They lived happily for a long time till Indra missed her and asked the Gandharvas to go in search of her. They found her in the company of Pururavas and stole the lambs. Urvashi heard the cry of the abducted lambs and she reviled the king. The king went…

Moldovan Laurentiu
Mahabharat | Lord krishna hd wallpaper, Spiritual wallpaper, Vedic art

Mahabharat | Lord krishna hd wallpaper, Spiritual wallpaper, Vedic art

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Although it has been said a thousand times before, it doesn’t make it less accurate — self-esteem starts with loving yourself, first and foremost. Now, there are tons of ways and thousands of paths to finding love for yourself, and one of them is getting empowering self-love tattoos to serve as a constant reminder of your worth and beauty.

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