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These Houses Are Designed In The Shape Of Famous Logos

The architects never seize to surprise us with their intricate and innovative designs. Some showcase their ingenuity by creating unique functionality of the houses they design, others demonstrate the never-seen-before exterior. Recently, architect Karina Wiciak of Wamhouse studio demonstrated unusual house designs after founding inspiration in an unexpected place -- logos of the famous brands. Logos, usually being simplistic yet novel, turned out to be a perfect reference for outstanding…

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30 Houses In Melbourne That Appeared On This Architecture-Shaming Instagram Account

Not everything in Australia is "upside down". Sure, their Christmas is in the summer and they might have a BBQ to celebrate it, but in some ways, they're just like us Northern Hemisphere folks. Our fascination with bad architecture, for example, is equally obsessive.

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King Alfred's Tower In England, Built In 1772

Many of us strive to be unique and stand out from the crowd. We express ourselves through the clothes we wear, our totally rad hairstyles, and what we talk about. But probably the most significant statement that we can make about our character is by choosing where we live and work. Would we love to work in a giant panda-shaped building? Definitely. Would yours truly like to live in a moody Victorian châtelet in the middle of some mysterious misty mountain woods that you couldn’t find on a…


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