Unique family tree

Discover creative and personalized ways to showcase your family history with a unique family tree. Start a meaningful tradition and keep your family's legacy alive.
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An old college friend of Laura’s reached out to us for a surprise gift for her husband. They’re love story is staggeringly similar to our own; English boy meets American girl, they fall…

Amanda Olivia
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25th anniversary gift for husband - family tree painting personalized to tell your love story and preserve it for future generations. This creative family tree gift also makes a great 25 year wedding anniversary gift for friends or relatives. Your custom family tree illustration will feature a lot of personal details to ensure the painting is the best reflection of who you are as a family, as well as individuals. The artwork is so much more than a generic family tree template personalized…

Ivone Martins
Family Tree / Great gift for Mother's or Father's Day by CarynDahm Art, Bonito, Family Tree, Family Tree Chart, Family Tree Artwork, Family Tree Art, Custom Family Tree, Family Heirloom, Mother Gifts

A colorful watercolored family tree! Inspired to create a family heirloom for generations to cherish your families geneology and special heritage. Each one is unique and one of a kind. After ordering, you can e-mail me the names and order of your family ancestry and I will put it together in a beautiful custom family tree illustration. Options to consider: - Can be ordered with or without the family names on the trunk. - Include just your immediate family, grandparents or even up to great…

Luka Shelia