Undertale gaster

Unravel the enigmatic world of Undertale Gaster and discover the hidden lore behind this intriguing character. Dive into the depths of the game and uncover the secrets that will leave you mesmerized.
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☜☠❄☼✡ ☠🕆💣👌☜☼ 💧☜✞☜☠❄☜☜☠📬 👎✌☼😐📪 👎✌☼😐☜☼📪 ✡☜❄ 👎✌☼😐☜☼📬 🏱☟⚐❄⚐☠ ☼☜✌👎✋☠☝💧 ☠☜☝✌❄✋✞☜📬 ❄☟✋💧 ☠☜✠❄ ☜✠🏱☜☼✋💣☜☠❄ 💧☜☜💣💧 ❄⚐ 👌☜ ✞☜☼✡📪 ✞☜☼✡📪 ✋☠❄☜☼☜💧❄✋☠☝📬📬📬 (I don't own Undertale or RWBY. Please enjoy, this is my first story.)

Gaster's Alphabet by Lea-Lu on DeviantArt --- Wingdings Alphabet Code, Alphabet Symbols, Alphabet, Words, Language, S Alphabet, Lettering, Writing Code, Gaster Language

Description BUT Seriously- I want to know what he says!!! I'm interested and... I didn't say that to anyone just like that! That's why I did this little thing here! *sigh*... I hope you like it.......... somehow... o-o (c) Artwork~ Lea-Lu (c) Undertale - Frisk / Goner Kid(?) / W.D. Gaster~ Toby Fox (c) Used~ Paint Tool Sai & PhotoScape

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Description I thought it would be cool to try to make a 3D version of a Gaster Blaster, so I started sketching a reference image to use in the program, but had too much fun with it so now it's a blueprint. Doubles as a nice desktop wallpaper. :'D I need to learn how to use Blender anyway, so enjoy! EDIT: here is a Wingdings key for those of you who want to know what it says. I really don't remember. images.sampletemplates.com/wp-… © TheMeekWarrior Gaster Blaster & Undertale © Toby Fox

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