Underground society

Dive into the fascinating world of the underground society and uncover its secrets. Discover top ideas and insights into this mysterious subculture that exists beneath the surface.
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Derinkuyu, known to its former Greek inhabitants as Malakopeia, is a city in Cappadocia, Central Anatolia.[1] Most of the city's expanse is concealed underground, with only a few skylights to let air and sunlight through. After the Byzantine Templars reasserted their presence in the Ottoman Empire in 1509, they took over the city of Derinkuyu. It became their headquarters, and served as the base of operations throughout the Empire. During the early 16th century, the Byzantine Rite became the…

Amber Clemons
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Here's a depiction of a marketplace from the Underground City in ARK. The citizens make do with what they have, some wearing trash because woven clothes are scarce. I've included the two sketches that inspired this piece when I first released the project- I also included the linework that I did before this piece and used as a guide for the design. Currently working on a piece to show how they grow the food underground, researching some hydroponics and other cool tech. Hope you enjoy, more to…

Misael Chapa
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So, there's planning a party and then there's planning a party in a secret abandoned location– in Paris! You're about to delve into the world of the most unique underground party organisers in the world... A secretive group called We are the Oracle has surfaced in the French capital in recent yea

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