Types of flour

Explore a variety of flours and learn how each type can enhance your baking. From all-purpose to whole wheat, find the perfect flour for your recipes.
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Whether you're an experienced baker trying to get out of your all-purpose rut or a rookie wondering if those specialty flours are just a marketing gimmick, you've no doubt seen the plethora of different types of flours in the grocery store or in recipes you'd like to try. But now that we're trying to make as few trips as possible to the grocery store and all-purpose flour is often out-of-stock, what's the deal with all the other types of flour in the baking aisle? Well, if a recipe was…

Kristina Diehl
A Guide to Common Wheat Flours | Serious Eats

A comprehensive guide to common wheat flours found in grocery stores: what they are, how they're different, and how to choose the right one for whatever you're cooking.

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