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Immerse yourself in the rich sound and nostalgia of vinyl with our top-rated turntable record players. Explore our collection and start enjoying your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard.
Why buy new when you can buy old? Having run down the best budget, DJ and home listening turntables, Paul Rigby makes a case for why going vintage can offer great deals and superb performance. Words: Paul Rigby Buying a vintage turntable is a great option for vinyl fans. For many, a budget for any sort of hi-fi is a … Retro, Record Players, Vintage, Vintage Record Player, Hifi Turntable, Record Player, Dj Equipment, Audiophile Turntable, Stereo

Since it was originally published in June 2014, our guide to the 8 best vintage turntables has proved to be the most visited article on the whole site. Being a list of vintage turntables, there’s less need to update the list as regularly as others. However, times and tastes change, as does availability on the […]

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Pete Verrando in an audio engineer who has 20 years of experience in Production Sound Recording for film and television. He works all over the world doing on-location recording. Pete Verrando has built something that is part innovative, part steampunk and part crazy-geek-inventor-guy. It's something I've often tossed around in my mind, but he has

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Have you ever sat down and listened to a vinyl record? Like, really listened? It just has this clear, crisp warmth to it that can’t be emulated by digital technology. Even Steve Jobs listened to vinyl. Sure, iPhones and Spotify have become the norm for music lovers across the globe, but for the true audiophile, […]

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