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Maximize your small space with innovative transforming furniture. Discover top ideas to optimize your living area and create a functional and stylish home.
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Multifunctional furniture can transform from one piece of furniture to another. It’s a great way of saving space. You can hide several functions in the same piece of furniture. Here are some of the very best and most clever transforming furniture we have come across over the last decade. Let’s start with some of the coolest […]

Erin Bradley
Folding wall table. This wall table is one of my favourites of all time. It is so clever designed, and the finish is over the top. When this table is folded up it looks totally like a picture, and when folded down the image hides below the table! Woodworking, Furniture Design, Studio, Diy Furniture, Folding Furniture, Folding Walls, Transforming Furniture, Furniture For Small Spaces, Home Projects

May we present: The best furniture for small spaces we have come by – some very clever tables for the small apartment, etc. When you want to live in a small apartment or tiny house, it’s a good idea to invest a little in furniture designed for small spaces. These are some of the creative […]

Nyssa Adams
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Uruguayan industrial designer Claudio Sibille has created Ludovico, a concept that is a clever as it is simple. Two chairs are placed inside the cabinet in determined areas that fit exactly with the lines of the chairs, maintaining at the same time four drawers of considerable volume. When closed, the chairs seem hidden and give the impression of four more little drawers The desk version titled Ludovico Office has one instead of two hidden chairs and instead of a fixed table, there’s a…

Matheus Barreto
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Singapore affordable Murphy Space Saving Bed & Accessories. Locally produced and gas lift imported from Europe. Solid ply with compressed laminate. 10 years warranty. Affordable pricing for HDB BTO Flats and Condominiums. Wall Bed Accessories hardware supplier. Free installation for wall bed complete set purchases.

32 Really Clever Bed Solutions For Small Spaces (Space Saving) | Home, Trundle Bed With Storage, Beds For Small Spaces, Pull Out Bed, Hidden Bed, Tiny Studio Apartments, Bed Desk, Desk Bed, Space Saving Beds

Space-saving beds are some of our all-time favorite furniture. There are so many good ideas out there and people have been really creative. Let’s look at some of the absolute best eye-candy when it comes to beds for small spaces! These bed solutions will save you a ton of space and help you get the […]

Shani Hall
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Bae Se-hwa's bentwood pieces weren't the only things of his that caught our eye; the Korea-based artist also has another entire body of non-bentwood work.His Lighting Table series, made of wood and acrylic, blew us away; the furniture appears to be solid wood, until you flip the switch.Bae's Sightline Bookcase...

Folding sofas, beds and chaise-lounges for small spaces | Bedroom Ideas, Home Décor, Ikea, Beds For Small Spaces, Bedroom Furniture, Sofa Bed For Small Spaces, Bed, Furniture For Small Spaces, Home Living Room

We have collected a wide variety of chair, sofas, and chaise-lounges, which will morph and fold into a nice bed for the night. The designs are from all over the world, and especially Japan. Great Sofa Beds You Can Actually Afford Let’s start with a great design that is actually on sale right now. It’s […]

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