Tortilla chip recipe

Discover mouthwatering tortilla chip recipes that are perfect for snacking or entertaining guests. Try these easy and flavorful recipes to take your chip game to the next level.
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Baked Tortilla Chips (Only 3 Ingredients!) - Evolving Table

If you're tired of flimsy chips that break under the weight of your favorite dips, you’ve got to try this baked tortilla chips recipe! With just three ingredients—corn tortillas, oil, and salt—you can whip up sturdy, homemade chips perfect for even the thickest guacamole.

Christina Cox-Beaver
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Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

Cinnamon Sugar?Tortilla?Chips?are an easy?sweet treat!?Flour?tortillas?covered in?melted butter?and?cinnamon sugar?then baked until?golden brown?and?crispy.

Tammy Seekman
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Homemade Tortilla Chips

Easy homemade flour tortilla chips from scratch, oven-baked to perfection with just 4 ingredients. This recipe shows you how to fry and make flour tortilla chips in the microwave.

Rachel Freeman