Top of ear piercing

Explore trendy and unique designs for top of ear piercings. Find the perfect style to express your individuality and enhance your look with our top ideas for top of ear piercings.
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❝ Introducing our top-selling 14k solid gold pieces, Top Helix Chain Piercing!❞ This particular piercing jewelry is reliant on your ear anatomy. You need specific anatomy to achieve the ideal (displayed-ear model photos) look: enough of a helix curls (fold) or deep/large rook shelf to hide the curved bar part underneath the curled top helix/rook area. If you are not too sure, we recommend you to visit your local piercer to get checked if you have the right anatomy for it. ◆ PRODUCT…

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Want the ear piercing ideas and trends to know for 2024? When it comes to styling your ears, curated ear piercings are a highly personalized form of self-expression. PORTER speaks to the jewelry world’s piercing connoisseurs and shares their knowledge and secrets…Discover chic ways to style layered ear piercings with our edit of the top ear piercing trends to know about in 2024...