Explore unique and practical ways to use toothpicks in your everyday life. From DIY crafts to household hacks, discover how toothpicks can be more than just a dental tool.
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Toothpicks are often associated with dental hygiene, but their usefulness extends far beyond cleaning teeth. These tiny wooden wonders can be incredibly versatile and helpful in various situations. Let's look at some surprising and creative uses for toothpicks that you probably didn't know about.

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While prepping for this week's Studio 5 segment, I came across these darling toothpick dolls. They are so easy to make, and inexpensive! All you need is toothpicks, cut like this: Embroidery floss, in whatever color you want. I like #739 for the skin color. Embroidery floss is not expensive, and can be purchased at most craft or sewing stores. I got mine at Ben Franklin, for $.39 each. Alene's Tacky Glue: First, glue the legs on, as shown in the photo above. Let them dry. Place a small dot…

Jenn Devaney

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