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Explore a collection of unique and fun tiny car ideas that will delight car enthusiasts. Find inspiration to create your own mini car collection and experience the joy of these pint-sized vehicles.
Daihatsu Is The Only Carmaker That's Wonderful Anymore Audi R8, K-car, Smart Car, Kei Car, Motos, Tokyo Motor Show, Compact Cars, Performance Cars, Auto

Most Americans only know Daihatsu from the sad little Charade that was sold here back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, and that’s a huge shame, because I’m starting to believe that Daihatsu is the only truly and consistently wonderful modern automaker. That’s probably hyperbole, but look at their two new concepts for…

Inspired by A Little Boy, Spirit City Electric Car Looks Like a Toy Jeep | Tuvie Cars, Microcar, Car Car, Cars For Sale, Toy Car, Jeep, Car, Vehicles, Carros

Spirit City is an electric car that looks like a toy jeep. Well, the design inspiration did come from designer’s three-year old son, cute and innocent, just like a little spirit in the forest. That’s why this car project is aimed to become a small, green vehicle that travels easily through urban building forests. Designed...

Virginia Angelica Encina Figueroa