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Help your kids learn how to tie their shoes with these fun and creative methods. Discover step-by-step techniques and tips to make the process easy and enjoyable for your little ones.
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Everybody remembers learning how to tie their shoes as a kid because it's one of the earliest motor skill related tricks we learn during childhood, and for some it was a real pain in the foot to learn.Heck, I knew a kid who wore shoes with a velcro closure until middle school because he had such a hard time learning how to properly tie his shoes, and he still hates wearing laced shoes to this day.Well, if my buddy had a friend like Colton Lillard, or more specifically a friend like Colton's…

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I used to cringe the first week of kindergarten when all the kids would come in their new, lace up shoes. If only I had learned the Cheerio Method of tying shoes earlier! In those first weeks of kindergarten, I knew I'd be spending lots of time tying laces on cute little sneakers, feeling trapped!

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