Thicken fine hair

Discover effective methods to thicken your fine hair and achieve fuller, more voluminous locks. Try these tips and transform your thin hair into a luscious mane.
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When your hair begins thinning, you'll try a crazy amount of products to fix it. But what's the real solution for how to thicken hair? Believe it or not, there are plenty of hair products that will bring back the thick locks you once had.

Cathy Kuryla
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Nioxin all day every day! I had super super thin hair that would fall out a lot. I was 18 and you could see my scalp through my hair. Nioxin takes time to grow your hair, but now I have a great full head of hair! Will be loyal forever.—paigel4729f7ce3Nioxin. My hairstylist is blown away with how my hair is changing every time I go in. I have thin and fine hair that barely grows and my hair is getting thicker, fuller and longer from using this product.—stephaniedahlNioxin! It cleanses my hair…

Ana Paula
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We all use different beauty products like creams and serums to make our faces appear more youthful and fresh. But what about our hair? A specific hairstyle or grooming technique could potentially add on the years without us even noticing. If you wish to appear younger, or at least not to age yourself, here are some hair do's and don'ts stylists gathered by stylists to help maintain a more youthful look, or at least avoid unnecessary aging!

Harper Wilson