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Enhance your classroom with creative bulletin board ideas that teach text structure. Discover fun and interactive ways to engage students in understanding the different types of text organization.
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Before studying to become a reading specialist, I had never explicitly been taught nonfiction text structures as a student and I also hadn’t been taught the importance of teaching them to our students as an

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Hi there! This is Hannah from the Classroom Key. A couple of months ago I was watching the movie Fargo without knowing anything about it ahead of time. At the beginning it says that it is based on a true story. So as I watched, I was paying close attention to the crime as it was laid out, trying to piece it all together. By the end of the film I wasn't very impressed and couldn't figure out why it was critically acclaimed. I obvious didn't "get it." I looked up some reviews online and…

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Teaching nonfiction text structure is no picnic! To be honest, I don’t even remember learning it when I was in school, let alone in college. However, it has quickly become one of the most important concepts to teach when covering nonfiction. Research shows that identifying and understanding text structure helps lead to mastery of other ... Read more

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