Terrain texture

Enhance the realism of your 3D environments with top terrain textures. Discover a range of textures that will bring your virtual world to life and create immersive experiences.
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Perfectly tileable texture pack of terrain. This is a pack of 6 terrain (ground) textures. textures that are included in the pack are: ⦁ Dirt ⦁ Dry Dirt ⦁ Natural Dirt ⦁ Grass ⦁ Grass Moss ⦁ Rocky Moss All the textures are in 3 formats: ⦁ png ⦁ jpeg ⦁ tga All the textures have 3 different ready to use size that are: ⦁ 1024×1024 ⦁ 512×512 ⦁ 256×256 All the textures have normal map as well as very detailed.


Finally the game is out !! On FC5, my responsibilities was to create the majority of the terrains for the Biome team. The motto was to recreate Montana in the greatest accuracy. I had the chance to travel to this place and capture the data using photgrammetry. Special thanks to Dan Haard who capture some amazing data too, Fred Mox, Richard Côté, Pascal DeSampaio, Paulette Richardson, Florence Dagenais, Mathieu Roy and "Isaac Papismado" my Art Director. My pipeline at the time was to…