Teriyaki salad dressing recipe

Enhance your salads with this delicious teriyaki salad dressing recipe. Learn how to make it at home and add a burst of flavor to your favorite greens.
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Juxtaposed with hot steamed rice and a salty, crisp, chewy protein covered in sweet and aromatic teriyaki sauce: The salad provides a necessary flavor, texture, and temperature contrast. (Iceberg lettuce deserves more credit, pals!) Sadly, because the dressing is based in mayo, we have yet to come b

Sheena Sokolowski
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It's no secret that I am a complete sucker for teriyaki and yakisoba. I am on a quest to test out every teriyaki joint in my city. I think I finally figured out a good approximation of the creamy, mayo-ey salad dressing comes on the fresh green salads that you get with a bento box at teriyaki restaurants. I crave that taste sometimes - the crispy-fresh, cold, crunchy lettuce with a delightful dressing accenting the top. YUM. In restaurants, the dressing ranges from white to off-white, to…

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