Temperature for baked potatoes

Learn the secrets to achieving perfectly baked potatoes. Discover the ideal temperature and cooking time to create crispy skins and fluffy insides. Elevate your potato game with these tips and tricks.
Cooking the perfect fluffy baked potato is all about reaching the ideal doneness temperature of 205 degrees. Bake Potato, America's Test Kitchen, Ocean Food, Best Baked Potato, Perfect Baked Potato, Donut Toppings, Cookie Toppings, America's Test Kitchen Recipes, Baked Potatoes

We wanted a uniformly fluffy interior encased in thin, crisp skin—and we baked nearly 200 pounds of potatoes to get it. To produce perfect baked potatoes with an evenly fluffy interior, we figured out their ideal doneness temperature: 205 degrees. Baking them in a hot (450-degree) oven prevents a leathery “pellicle” from forming underneath the peel. To season the skin, we coat the potatoes in salty water before baking; we crisp the skin by painting it with vegetable oil once the potatoes are…

Judith Davis