Teacher tech

Enhance your teaching experience with these must-have tech tools for teachers. Discover how these tools can make your classroom more engaging and efficient.
I've rounded up 8 tech tools for your classroom you need to try now and ideas for using them. If you are searching for the latest digital learning activities and ideas, check these out! Technology For The Classroom, Tech Tools For Teachers, Tech In The Classroom, Ed Tech Tools, Teacher Tech Tips, Tech Tips For Teachers, Technology And Livelihood Education Design, Teacher Technology Tools, Elementary Technology

I've rounded up 8 tech tools and ideas for using them. Some of these tools are new and some have been around but with new features. Tools are a mix of apps and sites - some are device specific. Thank you to the presenters and EXPO booths at ISTE 2019 for sharing these tools and features. I've tried to give credit to where I learned each idea when applicable. Wakelet Wakelet is a curation tool. Users can pull in links, images, text, and video into one space for easy distribution and sharing…

Reyna Rodgers