Tea dyed fabric

Discover creative ways to use tea dyed fabric to create a vintage and rustic look. Enhance your home decor or craft projects with these inspiring ideas.
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Tea is rich with tannin (good for gripping onto fabric), is inexpensive, and attaches well to cotton and linen. It typically gives you a light brown color if you don’t use any color modifiers. You can use an iron modifier on the fabric after you dye it with the tea, which will shift your colors to grey, and increase our fabric’s color- and lightfastness. At the iron sulfate stage, you will be able to experiment with different dipping and folding techniques to create patterns on your fabric.

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Craf-tea: Dyeing yarn with tea. | Tea Dyed Fabric, Dyeing Yarn, Lipton Tea, Natural Dye Fabric, Tea Diy, Botanical Dyeing, Dye Fabric, Fibre And Fabric, Rooibos Tea

A few months ago I stumbled on some beautiful photos of a shawl that someone had knit and overdyed with tea. I immediately began thinking I could easily try my hand at dyeing some yarn with tea right in my own kitchen. For those who haven’t dyed before, all you need to dye a protein… Continue reading Craf-tea: Dyeing yarn with tea.

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If you’re just dipping your toes into natural dyeing, tea is a great dye to try first. But years later, I still love dyeing with tea. This tutorial is a little bit special… wait until you see the patterns! Why do I love dyeing with tea so much? Almost all of us have some tea...

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