Tapioca bubble tea

Discover the perfect tapioca bubble tea recipe that will satisfy your cravings. Try out these delicious and refreshing drinks and experience a burst of flavors with every sip.
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Our deliciously sweet, chewy, and milky bubble tea recipe will satisfy all your cravings. We'll mix Assam, Ceylon and Oolong in our recipe to make boba shop quality milk tea at home. However, using 3 black tea bags will also work for our recipe. Once you master the basics, you can creatively make your own unique boba drink.

Jennie Martin Sands
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Bubble tea - milk tea with tapioca pearls inside - is a popular Taiwanese drink that's become hugely popular on a global scale. Not only does it come in various flavors, shapes, and designs, it's customizable, too! If you want to try it while you're in Tokyo, or you're craving it during your travels, you'll want to check out this list to see what kind of options are out there!

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