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Discover the ancient martial art of Tang Soo Do and learn how to become a skilled practitioner. Explore top ideas and expert tips to enhance your training and achieve mastery in Tang Soo Do.
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We offer introductory classes, very reasonable rates, and NO contracts. With two fulltime studios, 11 Parks & Recreation Programs, 84 classes, over 300 students (ranging in age from 3 to 78), and over 25 Black Belt level instructors - there's a place for you at USA Martial Arts! We believe that everyone, despite any physical limitations, can benefit from the self confidence and brain/body fitness that practicing martial arts will bring you.

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The Chil Sung forms of Traditional Taekwondo (and especially Tang Soo Do) were introduced by...

The Chil Sung forms of Traditional Taekwondo (and especially Tang Soo Do) were introduced by taekwondo pioneer Hwang Kee in 1952. The phrase Chil Sung means "Seven Star" and and refers to the seven stars of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper constellation). According to one story, Hwang's father had a dream in which he saw the bright star (Sam Tae Song) before his son's birth. He named his son "Tae Nam" which means "star boy", and Hwang used this as the basis for naming his forms. Other sources…

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Words – we use them without even thinking and take them for granted because we human beings are blessed with the ability to articulate our thoughts through this faculty. We have languages, we have grammar, we have syntax and we have nuances among many other things that comes with the gift of language and words. That is why the value of the right word at the right time to the right person can never be underestimated. While we like to believe that the words that inspire, prod or push you have…

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