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Discover proven methods for taking notes that will help you retain information, improve your study habits, and enhance your learning experience. Start taking better notes today!
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Raise your hand, Pandas who still have a notebook! (A handful of hands slowly come up.) Now, raise your hand if you write in that notebook! While we listen to the humming silence, I have to admit that in the past week, I scribbled out a single post-it note with my groceries list. The fact is obvious: typing has pretty much replaced the good, old and beautiful art of handwriting. (I am not looking at you, doctors!)

Jack Wickwire
If you ever considered taking notes in a digital way you might have discovered that there are a lot of app out there that offer this. It might be overwhelming especially if you are a bit obsessive as I am when it comes to finding the perfect apps for things. That is why I have […] Ipad, Organisation, Planner, Notability Notes, Notes, Note Taking Tips, School Notes, School Organization Notes, Notability

This one is the second on my list of favorite apps for digital note-taking. The organizational system on this one is really simple. You have a column on the left of the app where you can write your main category (for me it's University) and under it, I have different sub-folders for every class that I have. Then in every sub-folder, you can create a note for everything that you need.

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