Symbolic art

Discover the world of symbolic art and unravel the hidden meanings and expressions behind each masterpiece. Immerse yourself in a journey of symbolism and interpretation, and find inspiration for your own artistic endeavors.

Mixed Media Sculptures By Rose B. Simpson Residing on the Santa Clara reservation, Rose B. Simpson explores the many ways to deconstruct gender and culture based stereotypes and social ideologies by wandering between ceramic or fashion or drawing or music studios... Read more

Nadia Padding
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Exclusive Interview with Steven Kenny, 1st Prize Winner, INPRNT Traditional Art Award, 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Delve into the magically surreal compositional elements of Steven Kenny's creative visions... where anything seems possible. Let his emotive work engage your imagination and transport your artistic wanderings. In this exclusive interview (conducted by Christopher Inwood), we learn about Steven Kenny's motivation to enter the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize and gain invaluable…

Lisa Roberts