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Explore eco-friendly and innovative ideas for sustainable box packaging. Discover how you can reduce waste and create a positive impact on the environment with these top packaging solutions.

Sistema Diseño designed the exclusive packaging for O Fragón’s artisan oils, satisfying the high demand from diners. The design reinforces the product’s essence of being 100% natural, preservative-free, and without colorants by using 100% PCR recycled glass bottles and ecological materials for labeling. The packaging includes a honeycomb box/suitcase, reflecting the commitment to sustainability. By […]

Ingrida Kirkliauskaite
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Kenneth Kuh – Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set “The objective for this project is to create a packaging set under the assumption of Aesop having their own product line for ceramics tableware. In order to match the already existing brand identity, a lot of considerations in design, user experience, and functionality were put into the […]

Mohd Arif
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Custom box design is essential to any e-commerce business. E-commerce packaging differs significantly from traditional retail. Is your business offering the right solutions for your products that customers are looking for? Find out how e-commerce businesses should implement high-quality design here.

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