Surfboard bag

Find the perfect surfboard bag to keep your board safe and secure during transport. Explore top-quality surfboard bags that combine functionality and style for the ultimate surfing experience.
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Tubita Surf Bag is the perfect accessory for surfers to take their equipment to the beach in the most comfortable and safe way. Stop spending time carrying on the boardsurf in yours arms. Tubita is what you needed to take the essentials to go surfing. . Because there is always an easier way to do what we already do. It is soft, resistant, beautiful, and very practical. On the outside there is a ribbon with two adjustable fasteners to put the leash on, rubber clothing (john), and paddles…

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SAILOR BLUE SURFBOARD CARRIER Carry all the essentials in just one smart bag: surfboard, towel, wetsuit and day change. The Sling bag is built to carry heavy surfboards and longboards to the beach. The bag comes in a size that will fit every surfboard up to 10”. It has a big inside pocket, that will fit your single fin and two open straps on the front made to hold-up your essentials (yoga mat, wetsuit, towels). Try this original design and you’ll never go to the beach without one again…