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Sundew plant

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Drosera micrantha is a pygmy sundew native to south western Australia. It produces modified leaves called gemmae which detach from the mother plant and quickly grow into new sundews.

Drosera micrantha is a pygmy sundew native to southwestern Australia. It produces scapes of small white flowers. Hot dry summers will cause D. micrantha to go dormant. Active growth resumes in the fall when moisture increases and temperatures return to moderate levels. During this time, D. micrantha produces several modified leaves called gemmae. The gemmae are spring-loaded by small hairs which cause them to burst out of the plant when struck by raindrops. After landing, the gemmae quickly…

How to Grow and Care for Sundew Plants Indoors | Gardener’s Path

Sundews aren’t your average houseplants. Learn about their special needs and the amazing adaptations they use to provide for themselves on Gardener’s Path.

Drosera sewelliae

Sundew (Drosera) plants use a flypaper trapping method to catch and eat bugs. Tentacles on the leaves secrete droplets of sticky "dew" that prevent prey from escaping.

Sundew Care Guide!

How To Care For Sundews. Growing sundew is very easy! Even though they seem like they would take complex care I find I use more effort keeping pothos alive than I do sundew. These carnivorous plants are fascinating, and with this guide, you can raise some too! #urbakigardening #gardening #sundews #caresundew #sundewguide

Drosera admirabilis (Ceres R.S.A) mature sundew

Cultivation guidelines and details about how to grow the South African rosetted sundew, Drosera admirabilis. Drosera admirabilis is a beautiful subtropical sundew from South Africa. It reaches its full potential when fed often, especially when grown in a bright location outdoors. Drosera admirabilis has become common in sundew collections due to its ease of growing, its ability to produce many seeds, its clumping habit, and ease of propagation. Drosera admirabilis is a very easy sundew to…

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Sundew Plant Care and Grow Guide

Sundews are small carnivorous plants that are also an herb that has medicinal uses. It can be used to help with breathing problems like coughs, asthma, and ...

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Insect escapes Sundew Plant - Drosera Capensis Carnivorous Plant Drosera capensis is a robust, rosette-forming plant 18-25 cm in diameter and about 15 cm tall. The leaves emerge just above the ground - the plant forms only short, woody stems. (Plants growing tall are a sign of lack of light). Like most plants of the Droseraceae (sundew family), it has greenish-red to brownish-red, irritable tentacles on the catch leaves, which are up to 7 cm long and 5 mm wide.
This plant is called "Drosera" or “Sundews” and they happen to be the common carnivorous plant in the world. These sundews have tentacles all over them. These tentacles have a sticky substance that glitter in the sunlight which attracts insects. Once they land on the sticky dew-covered tentacles, they get trapped. The tentacles close around the insect to kill the insects and digestive enzymes begin extracting nutrients. #CarnivorousPlant #Drosera #CarnivorousPlant #Sundews #biology
Sundews have been known to live up to 50 years and grow on all continents except Antarctica. Sundews generally grow in moist habitats with acidic soils and high sunlight levels. Many species grow in association with peat moss, which absorbs most of the nutrients in the soil.
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