Stylish dog beds

Give your furry friend the ultimate comfort and style with our collection of stylish dog beds. Find the perfect bed that suits your dog's needs and enhances your home decor.
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For as much fun as living with four-legged family members can be, designing a stylish, pet-friendly home is tricky. Not only can animals wreak havoc on furniture and upholstery, certain pet essentials, like dog crates and litter boxes, are often major eyesores.Fortunately, with a little planning and the right items, you can design a pet-proof space without sacrificing any style.

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Dog beds have always grossed me out. The way they pill over and get all matted down? I mean, I get that they are hard to keep prestine but they just always look so spectacularly nasty. Also, why do they have to be so poorly designed to begin with? On top of being a shapeless mess, they are the worst colors — some shade of navy, maroon, or forest green that would never match any home decor unless you lived in a horror-movie cabin.

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