Student data walls

Discover how student data walls can inspire growth and accountability in your classroom. Explore top ideas to create a visual representation of student progress and promote a culture of achievement.
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Data walls are meant to be interactive – not just decoration. Teachers need to be involved in the process in order to fully claim ownership for the results and the strategies being implemented. Having set days to change the data are imperative as well as having data discussions planned. In my experience working with a...Read More

Emily Sanders
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In the lead up to the 2019 school year, Instagram was filled with teachers creating beautiful things for beautiful classrooms. But as the parent of a school-aged child, one thing worried me - the number of displays which were created just to share the academic and behavioural levels of children in t

Briony Watson
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The state’s largest school system has received national recognition, in particular for raising the test scores of poor and minority students, and especially on the elementary level. But with that has come scrutiny.

Lorri Beckner
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It seems like one of the big buzz words in education right now is DATA. The four letter word has had a lot of impact in the educational community recently. In my classroom, I use data in many ways. It tracks student growth and progress, drives my instruction, helps me individualize learning experiences, and simplifies...Read More

Dawn Snell