Storm surge

Learn about the causes and impacts of storm surge and how to protect yourself and your property. Stay informed and be prepared for this powerful natural phenomenon.
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Earlier this week, Environment Canada announced that Hurrican Dorian is heading our way and that it could hit Canada as a category 1 hurricane. Now, the Maritimes are bracing themselves for the storm that is expected to hit Eastern Canda this weekend, and it seems as if the entire Eastern Coast is shutting down. Festivals and events are getting canceled and postponed as Hurricane Dorian draws nearer.

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Dr Rob Bell, a NIWA scientist, studies storm surges and their impact on Aotearoa New Zealand coasts. A storm surge is a very long wave formed by low-pressure storms over the ocean. Because they are occasional occurrences, storm surges have rarely affected the Aotearoa New Zealand coast in the past. However, Rob says that, as the sea level rises in association with climate change, storm surges (especially when combined with high spring tides) will cause considerably more damage to low-lying…

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